Messages from the Principal

“Most things can wait, the child cannot. Now is the time, his mind is being developed, to him, we cannot say tomorrow, his name is today.”

This should be the underlying principle governing all teaching-learning processes. Education must extend beyond the four walls of the classroom and touch the soul deep down, making the child intellectually sound, socially conscious, environmentally aware and emotionally balanced. While giving to our students the wings of freedom and independence, we must keep them firmly grounded to the roots of responsibility.

Dear parents, you have always been our partners in the noble mission of empowering children. We solicit your co-operation to foster confidence, build character and inculcate moral values in our children. We must not forget that in order to manage children well, we have to borrow their eyes and hearts, see and feel as they do. We aim at drawing the innate potential of each child, accepting fully that some children may excel in academics, others in sports and the rest in music or dance and hence nurture, love all children unconditionally.

The grooming of the child into a complete individual having sterling qualities of head and heart should be our joint concern.

I solicit your co-operation (which has been forthcoming in the past) to usher that futuristic vision-coloured by the spirit to forge ahead while making learning alive, vibrant and truly progressive for ‘our’ children.

Some years back we had envisioned an institution that would soar like a falcon, gallop like a steed and yet be firmly grounded on the principles of faith, high values, excellence and dedication. Today, it is not a wishful thinking but reality for us. “Give us the wisdom and the ability to comprehend”. With such a mission statement, how could we not reach the summit? On reaching the summit, our task has become more arduous. We cannot rest on our laurels, as ours is an onward march and success for us means an eternal journey and not a destination.

With the unflinching support of a benign and benevolent management, enlightened parents and an excellent staff, I am sure the school will continue to scale greater heights with each passing day.